With a broad stern, chined hull, twin-rudder system and a spacious cockpit layout, all designed for the best sailing efficiency, the Elan E3 emulates the feel of a larger yacht. Simply put, the yacht delivers exuberant performance with such ease that you will want to sail harder; such is the level of control delivered by the E3. Its T-bulb keel lowers the ballast centre of gravity significantly, allowing a reduction of displacement for a given level of stability. Combined with VAIL (vacuum-assisted infusion lamination) bulkheads and a powerful hull structure, the E3 is a tight, strong and safe boat.


The Elan E3 offers an unprecedented level of comfort, ensuring a smooth crossover from racing to cruising with friends or family. The Elan E3’s bright and airy interior does not compromise when it comes to cruising leisure and creates the feel of a much larger boat. A big, social saloon area with natural oak veneer furniture and standing headroom, comfortable cabins and a fully-equipped galley and head makes every minute on this yacht pleasurable, especially as it will probably be among the first back at the mooring.

  • Elan E3

    The new Elan E3 is designed for the best sailing efficiency emulating the feel of a larger boat

Technical Specifications

  • Length Overall:

    9.25m | 30'4" ft

  • Hull Length:

    9.25 m | 30'4"ft

  • Length at Waterline:

    8.71 m | 28'7" ft

  • Beam max:

    3.22 m | 10'7" ft

  • Draft (standard) :

    2.15 m | 7'1" ft

  • Draft (option):

    1.90 m | 6'3" ft / 1.50 m | 4'11" ft

  • Light Displacement:

    3.986 Kg | 8,78 lbs

  • Ballast (standard):

    895 Kg | 1973 lbs

  • Ballast (option):

    1046 Kg | 2306 lbs / 1055 Kg | 2326 lbs

  • Water Capacity:

    140 L | 36.1 US gal

  • Fuel Capacity:

    45 L | 11.0 US gal

Boat Plans